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Fair Dinkum Fertilizers Spurt is a fortified liquid seaweed designed to give pasture and crops a growth spurt by combining the plant growth regulators from seaweed with nutrients.
Crops and pasture often go through periods of low growth because of environmental stress such as drought and prolonged periods of high or low temperatures. Spurt is formulated to work under such situations.
Spurt should not be used if frost is a possibility but can be used when there are low non freezing temperatures. Spurt works well if there is adequate soil moisture after a period of drought but should not be used if the soil is dry.
It is similar to Premium but contains more available nitrogen. Results should usually be visible after 2 weeks.
Spurt is made by a three stage process. The first stage is an alkaline hydrolysis, the second stage components which give “gluginess” are removed, and the third stage is where the nutrients are then added.
It consistently out performs single stage products and two stage products when used on their own.
Spurt contains a number of plant growth regulators, simple and complex sugars including mannitol, amino acids and trace elements including iodine, selenium and potassium. It also contains the added nutrients listed below.

Application rates
Pasture, Lucerne & Fodder Crops
Apply whenever the crop needs a short term boost at 5-7 ltrs p/Ha.
Dilute at least 1 part product to 10 parts water, or preferably 1:20.
However the product should not be used more than four times a year on pasture unless more than two cuts of hay or silage are taken.
SPURT may be used on leafy vegetables, but use on young seedlings should be avoided

Nitrogen 10%
Phosphorus 0.3%
Potassium 4.8%
Sulphur 6000 ppm
Copper 300 ppm
Zinc 300 ppm
Manganese 100 ppm
Boron 60 ppm
Molybdenum 10 ppm
Filtration 100 mic

%W/V is grams per 100ml of product
ppm is parts per million on weight basis
g/l is grams per litre
mic = microns

Product Sizes Available
20 ltr,   200 ltr,   1000 ltr.

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