who we are and what we are about...

At Fair Dinkum Fertilizers we pride ourselves in providing the best product using sustainable resources to support farmers and the home gardener.
Whether you're looking for frost protectant, seed treatment, propagation, increased fruit set, a broad acre fertilizer or just a healthy nutritional boost for your beloved plants, then Fair Dinkum Fertilizers is for you!
Fair Dinkum Fertilizers is an Australian company, and we believe is the leading harvester, manufacturer, processor and supplier of "all natural seaweed products".
In short... we have full quality control of all our products from start to finish.

Fair Dinkum Fertilizers seaweed products are made from fresh Australian Bull Kelp, collected off the rugged North West coast of Tasmania, which is arguably from some of the cleanest waters in the world. After over 30 years of research into our products, we can boast the highest rated seaweed content of any product on the market, whilst retaining higher levels of plant growth regulators, hormones and nutrients.
This can only be obtained through our unique manufacturing process. We are sure that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase of Fair Dinkum Fertilizers, along with that...you will reap the benefits of our products on all of your plants and crops.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy manufacturing it for you.