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    Natural Fertilizers And Their Use In Agriculture
Natural fertilizers are not the same as organic fertilizers. The term organic fertilizers have several different
meanings and it is often difficult to decide what is meant by the term “organic fertilizer” in any particular
situation...Read more
    Crop Recovery For Flooding And Water Logging
Over the last two years there have been extensive production losses in Victoria due to flooding and water logging
of soil. Although not restricted to pasture the damage to pasture has been extensive and some pastures have been
affected on several occasions...Read more
    Reducing Frost Damage (As appeared in North East & Goulburn Murray Farmer - July 2012)
Over the last few years there has been renewed interest in reducing frost damage in Australia because of the
devastating frosts in vineyards and orchards...Read more
    Reducing Frost Damage in Vineyards
Frost protection in vineyards is important, and if not addressed correctly can lead lead to serious losses. The Weekly Times
(1-11-06) stated "expected crop (grape) losses were...Read more
    Soil Salinity
Soil salinity is a major constraint in food production, and is one o the most signifcant problems in Australian agriculture today. The most common form in Australia arises from two sources...Read more
    Fungal Damage
Liquid seaweed is often used to reduce the effects of fungal damage in a wide variety of crops. There are four main effects as listed below; Preventative action and reduction of damage. There have been numerous studies where the use of liquid seaweed has reduced the severity of fungal attacks but not completely eliminated the infection...Read more
    Bushfire Pasture Recovery
Dr Colin Young is a retired professor from Melbourne University who has been consulting to fertilizer companies on improving
land health for over 30 years. After the fires of February 2009 Dr Colin Young held talks in March - April 2009 for some
landcare groups located in the bushfire effected areas which covered how to re-seed and re-condition the soil after the fire.
The talks ackowledge that while there is some cost involved in re-seeding and re-conditioning the soil, the quick
recovery of the land may have a variety of benefits for the farmer/land owner. Benefits include long term land health,
financial and physchological improvements...Read more

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