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Quick Grow is a designed for foliar application on crops where there is a nitrogen deficiency. It provides nitrogen which is readily absorbed by the foliage in a form which can be readily assimilated. Nitrogen deficiency is one of the major causes of stunted growth and poor yields. Quick Grow does not contain significant amounts of amino acids but is high in nitrogen and the nitrogen can be used to synthesis amino acids by the plant. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins including enzymes.
Quick Grow also contains liquid seaweed, a nitrogen stabilizer and a very small amount of potassium. These additives are designed to reduce the release of the nitrogen to the air and help absorption into the plant cells. The seaweed component increases the uptake of phosphorus and trace elements by stimulating the soil microbes in the rhizosphere (the soil in the root zone).
Quick Grow may be used on crops but is designed for foliar application rather than soil application. It is estimated that each application of Quick Grow increases the plant nitrogen by about 4 kg/ha. Pasture
Quick Grow is useful when feed is short in the summer. Applications of Quick Grow will give the pasture a significant growth boost. In a dairy farming rotation scheme it should be applied as soon after the cows are moved as possible to allow maximum growth before the cows return.
Quick Grow was developed specifically to address the situation where the soil was very low in nitrogen, particularly when the soil had been water logged and the soil nitrogen had been drastically reduced by the action of bacteria. Denitrifying bacteria can produce gaseous nitrogen from nitrates and ammonium salts. The rate of nitrogen production in water logged soils can be high leading to a serious nitrogen deficiency.
Other crops
Quick Grow is designed to be applied to nitrogen deficient crops during the vegetative stages of growth but not during fruit or flower production stages. It should not be used if the soil is water logged or on frost sensitive crops if there is a possibility of frost occurring.

If possible apply later in the day.
Mix 1 part product with at least 15-20 parts water. Rates up to 15 ltrs p/Ha can be used in low growth periods.
Do not apply if the temperature is above 25 degrees C or is likely to rise above 25 degrees C for twelve hours after application. The rapid absorption of the nitrogen component is aided by high humidity at the leaf surface.
Use the finest spray available.
Keep animals off for at least 48 hrs to allow components to be absorbed into the foliage.

Nitrogen 22.0%
Potassium 0.3%
Sulphur 0.1%
Filtration 100 mic

%W/V is grams per 100ml of product
ppm is parts per million on weight basis
g/l is grams per litre
mic = microns

Product Sizes Available
20 ltr,   200 ltr,   1000 ltr.

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