alkaline liquid seaweed with micro nutrients and plant growth hormones...

lawn plant starter

Plant Starter is a specialized blend of natural compounds derived from seaweed, plant extracts, vitamins, and a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer.
The combination of these components forms a biosimulant that supports plant growth. The seaweed component and plant extract contain an array of beneficial substances, including plant growth regulators and antioxidants.
These elements play a vital role in facilitating the smooth reestablishment of transplanted seedlings by promoting robust root development and minimizing oxidative stress.

At its core, Plant Starter incorporates key active ingredients such as auxins, cytokinins, betaines, antioxidants, and oligosaccharides. These elements collaborate harmoniously to enhance root growth.
The synergy of auxins, cytokinins, and oligosaccharides works to amplify the development of roots.
Simultaneously, betaines and antioxidants act in tandem to alleviate the impact of reactive oxygen species generated during the transplant shock phase.

Additionally, a measured quantity of nitrogen fertilizer has been integrated into the blend. This nitrogen supplementation has demonstrated its efficacy in aiding the reestablishment process, especially in scenarios where soil nutrients are deficient.
Overall, Plant Starter provides a comprehensive solution that encourages the successful adaptation of transplanted seedlings, promoting strong root systems and safeguarding against the negative effects of oxidative stress.

Follow the label for dilution and application rates.

Nitrogen 0.3%
Potassium 2.1%
Phosphorus 0.7%
Sulphur 0.5%
Auxins 100 ppm
Cytokinin-like 100 ppm

%W/V is grams per 100ml of product
ppm is parts per million on weight basis
g/l is grams per litre
mic = microns

Product Sizes Available
1 ltr,   2 ltr Hose On.

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