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high calcium

Fair Dinkum Fertilizers High Calcium NPK & trace element blend is designed to supply NPK, calcium and small amounts of trace elements to crops. All nutrients are in a form which can be readily utilized by the crop and the liquid seaweed in the product increases the mobility of the nutrient in the plant.
Although all of the nutrients in this product are beneficial, the form of the calcium makes the product particularly useful in situations where additional calcium is needed to improve skin quality in fruit production and reduce blossom end rot in tomatoes.
Calcium, sulfur and magnesium are generally classified as the three “secondary” nutrients. The amount of secondary nutrients needed is less than the amount of the primary nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium but they are essential. Calcium is usually present in plants as calcium pectate which is the compound responsible for the strength of cell walls. Calcium is not particularly mobile in plants and a deficiency of calcium is first noticed in the fruit and young leaves. Any new tissue, such as root tips, young leaves and shoot tips often become distorted because of improper cell wall formation due to calcium deficiency.
Calcium is rarely deficient in the soil, but because calcium is often in an insoluble form it moves slowly in the plants. it is not uncommon for tomatoes, grapes and fruit in general to show symptoms of calcium deficiency.
Copper, Zinc, Manganese & Iron
These trace elements are present in this product in a soluble chelated form so they can readily absorbed by the plant and move within the plant.
Other nutrients
The product also contains small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The amounts of these nutrients are insufficient for a full year’s growth but supply enough to make a valuable contribution. The product also contains added boron.
The addition of liquid seaweed to the blend provides small amounts of plant growth regulators such as auxins and betaines. The natural chelates in the liquid seaweed significantly help some trace elements and calcium move within the plant. This product is designed for use as a foliar spray or for use in dripper systems. If used in dripper systems it is recommended that after using the product the lines are flushed with water before any other fertilizer is used in the system.

Apply 5-8 ltrs p/Ha diluted with water at a rate of 1 part High Calcium NPK to 20 parts water. Up to 10 ltrs p/Ha can be used per application.

Nitrogen 3.5%
Phosphorous 4.6%
Potassium 5.0%
Calcium 6000 ppm
Copper 150 ppm
Zinc 145 ppm
Manganese 130 ppm
Boron 1100 ppm
Iron 130 ppm
Iodine 40 ppm
Filtration 100 mic

%W/V is grams per 100ml of product
ppm is parts per million on weight basis
g/l is grams per litre
mic = microns

Product Sizes Available
20 ltr,   200 ltr,   1000 ltr.

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