FertFinderLogoFertSearch was developed by Fair Dinkum Fertilizers with the idea to make things easier when researching fertilizer and crop protection products.  FertSearch enables users to research products more specific to what they are growing and or protecting. 

FertSearch enables you to browse through the entire product range in various ways;
Search via your Crop Type...
Discover via Product Range...
Use the "in app" Calculator to help with determining how much product is needed to cover the area of land you have...
A shop function to purchase products...
Contact us through the app to get technical support and further product information...and click on the map to get directions to the closest factory to you.

We know time is important, and we hope this will help you save time when choosing the right product, the first time, for your crops.

get fair dinkum...get FertSearch!

FertSearch is now available for download on iOS and Android operating systems.
Just look for "FertSearch" on the Apple App Store, or on Google Play.

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