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Presenting Eradicate Eco Snail and Slug Bait, an innovative product harnessing iron powder as its active ingredient.
Originally conceived by two Polish scientists, a similar active ingredient led to the creation of Eradicate Eco specifically tailored for Australian conditions, under the guidance of a Melbourne-based scientist. While its mode of operation mirrors that of Eradicate, the iron undergoes oxidation prior to traversing the gut lining into the bloodstream. Just like Eradicate, this formulation exhibits minimal harm to pets and indigenous wildlife.
The active component is marginally less detrimental in aquatic environments compared to ferric EDTA, though both maintain a low level of toxicity.
By adhering to the instructions on the label, the product poses no significant risk of toxicity to pets or wildlife. However, adherence to proper storage guidelines is imperative, and it is crucial to safeguard the product from the access of children, pets, and farm animals.

Employing advanced pellet technology, the resulting pellets are rainfast and effective even in damp conditions. Similar to the Eradicate variant, there is a time lag before the snails or slugs manifest symptoms of distress, typically returning to their hiding spots before perishing. Notably, slugs and snails are commonly found some distance away from the bait.
This product proves efficacious against the white snail variety.

For optimal results, treatment is best administered during late autumn as opposed to spring.
During the early spring season, these snails engage in mating activities and can produce a substantial number of offspring, often exceeding two hundred. These creatures exhibit voracious feeding patterns, followed by a summer ascent on plants for a period akin to estivation. The bait consumption occurs once they return to the ground following rainfall, which usually transpires in early autumn.
White snail populations can multiply significantly if left untreated, posing a substantial menace in broadacre farming and increasingly infiltrating domestic gardens. Swift intervention with a molluscicide is advised if these snails are spotted in your garden.

The product's endorsement for use in organic production is noteworthy, having secured certification from the Organic Food Chain, thereby establishing its eligibility as an approved input within organic farming practices.

Eradicate...kills snails & slugs dead!

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