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Introducing Eradicate Snail and Slug Killer – a groundbreaking bait formulated from grains and powered by an iron EDTA complex as its active component.
This innovative product effectively targets slugs, snails, and even woodlice, while exhibiting minimal toxicity towards non-target creatures such as cats, dogs, native mammals, birds, and earthworms.
When used in accordance with the label's guidelines, the product poses no danger to pets. Nevertheless, it is vital to securely store the product out of reach from pets, farm animals, and children.
Notably, the active ingredient is not classified as a scheduled poison, and there is no required waiting period for food crops after its application.

Eradicate Snail and Slug Killer emerged from collaborative efforts between scientists affiliated with The University of Melbourne and La Trobe University, in conjunction with industry experts. Employing cutting-edge molecular wrap technology, the product harnesses an iron compound that is palatable to slugs and snails.
Once ingested, the molecular wrap dissolves within the gastropods' digestive system, releasing the iron in a hydrated ion form as it enters the bloodstream. Unlike traditional approaches utilising metaldehyde or methiocarb baits, this unique mechanism allows the active ingredient to take effect gradually, enabling slugs and snails to retreat to their hiding spots before succumbing.
This characteristic spares the surroundings from being cluttered with deceased gastropods.

Eradicate Snail and Slug Killer exhibits exceptional versatility, proving effective in both dry and high-moisture environments.
The product's rainfast properties owe their existence to a specialized bait technology developed exclusively for this formulation, setting it apart from other products containing the same active ingredient.
Although iron's toxicity to snails and slugs has been understood for decades, it wasn't until 1996 that the first iron-based product was introduced in Europe and Australia, marking a significant milestone in pest control innovation.

Eradicate Snail & Slug Killer…kills snails & slugs dead!

Product Sizes Available
600 gram,   25 kg,   500 kg,   1000 kg.

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