Empty Spray Bottle

ready to go for all your praying needs...just ill it up, dilute it and spray.

garden Feast

Fair Dinkum Fertilizers reusable Spray Bottle is an easy ready to spray bottle suitable for almost all your spraying needs.
Simply unscrew the cap, fill the concentrate to the correct level, as per the label directions on the product, and dilute as needed.
Re-cap the spray bottle and attach the hose, and you are ready to go.
Please ensure you follow the directions of your concentrate product to ensure the correct dilution rate.
Rinse thoroughly prior to next use.

For use with Fair Dinkum Fertilizers products, please see in store for our full range.
Fish Fert
Lawn & Plant Starter
Bloom Boom
Seaweed Gold
Frost Guard
Eco Stim
Indoor Plant Food
Garden Feast
Lawn Feeder
Lawn Greener
...and more products are being added to our range regularly.

Directions for use:
After filling the bottle with your product, remove pin from the top of the spray nozzle.
Attach the hose to the connector and turn hose on. Lift stopper when ready to spray.
Product will also start to disperse immediately from the bottle.
After use, lower stopper and replace pins in spray nozzle if any contents remain in the bottle.
(Check your product label to see if you are able to store your product in the spray bottle).

This is a Re-Usable spray bottle.
To reuse this bottle with Fair Dinkum Fertilizers products, remove the spray nozzle and put 400ml
of concentrate into the bottle, and fill the remainder of the bottle with water.
Attach spray nozzle and apply as above. This bottle will cover up to 300 m2
using Fair Dinkum Fertilizers products.

Product Sizes Available
2 ltr,