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Fair Dinkum Fertilizers Eco Stim is a biostimulant made from organic protein which has been broken down into peptides and amino acids. It belongs to a group of biostimulants, referred to as protein hydrolysates, which have received much attention in Europe during the last decade.
Based on European research, Eco Stim was further developed in Australia as a new generation hydrolysate. Previously Fish Emulsion has been the most common protein hydrolysate on the market, but with new research and technological advances, Eco Stim is now able to deliver considerable advantages.
Some of the advantages of Eco Stim are as follows:
Increased growth, yield and flowering
Increased crop quality
Increased resistance to abiotic stress such as drought, high and low temperature and soil salinity.

Protein hydrolysates contain a number of amino acids and peptides. Amino acids and small peptides can be absorbed by both the roots and leaves and move into the plant. They can also be used by the soil microbes. In fact, when applied to the soil usually most of the amino acids are used by soil microbes and the remainder is taken up by the plant roots. The actual amount taken up by the roots varies considerably with plant species / variety and soil conditions.
When amino acids are taken up via the soil microbes, soil microbes multiply in number which in turn increases the availability of previously locked up nutrients to the plant. Amino acids and peptides are used directly for protein and enzyme synthesis. Eco Stim contains significant amounts of nitrogen and potassium and is particularly suited to organic crop production and for use in mixed pastures such as organic dairy farming. Eco Stim can be used on a wide range of plants, including vegetables, agricultural and horticultural crops.

This product should be used at a rate of 5-8 L/ha.
This product should be diluted at least 1 part product with 20 parts with water and should only be applied when the temperature is less than 25 degrees C, to avoid the possibility of leaf burn.
When used on pasture it is recommended that animals are not allowed to graze on the pasture for at least 10 days to allow time for the hydrolysate to enter the plant and commence working. On pasture it can be applied multiple times during the growing season provided there is adequate moisture.
Allow at least three weeks between applications.

Nitrogen 5.1%
Phosphorus 1.2%
Potassium 11.7%
Peptides and amino acids 35% min
%W/V is grams per 100ml of product
ppm is parts per million on weight basis
g/l is grams per litre
mic = microns

Product Sizes Available
1 ltr,   5 ltr,   10 ltr,   20 ltr,   200 ltr,   1000 ltr.

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