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A significant part of FAIR DINKUM FERTILIZERS is the manufacture of Liquid Seaweeds for customers to incorporate in their own products. As we have sought to provide the absolute best to the Australian market and to our farmers, we have also established a reputation for extensive research and development. As a result of our comprehensive analysis and experimentation, we have developed technology to make products with pH levels ranging from just above 1 to 10.5. This means that whatever the particular need, we can individually tailor a blend to suit your requirements.
Our aim is Simple:
We desire to increase the quality and yield of Australian soils.
We are 100% Australian made, and 100% Australian owned.

Eco Stim...(November 2018)
Organic amino acids & peptides blend
Eco Stim is made from organic protein which has been broken down into peptides and amino acids. Eco Stim also contains a range of trace elements such as calcium, copper, zinc and iron. The peptides and amino acids can be used by plants and soil microbes as a source of nitrogen and are the building blocks to make a range of other proteins including enzymes. Some of the amino acids such as proline can increase the resistance to abiotic stress such as heat, cold and drought stress, whilst other amino acidsare effective as chelating agents. Amino acids are readily absorbed by plants and do not require slow transformation into other substances before being taken up by the plant. In addition to nitrogen this product also contains appreciable amounts of potassium and a small amount of phosphorus.
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EcoTrace...(July 2018)
Organic trace element blend
Eco Trace is a blend of liquid seaweed, added trace elements, sugars and potassium designed primarily for use on pasture. The trace elements are in a form that allows them to move in the soil and in the plant. Soil microbes can benefit from the sugars in this product, which in turn can assist in unlocking any phosphorus that may be locked up in the soil. In addition the seaweed component increases root development, fertilizer utilisation and provides increased resistance to heat and water stress.
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MultiFeed...(June 2016)
Added NPK & trace element boost for your plants and crops.
MultiFeed is an organically based liquid fertilizer and soil improver specifically developed to provide fast acting nutrition for crops and pasture via its combination of seaweed, humates and amino acids. It contains major NPK and trace element components in chelated form for easy uptake.

ERADICATE Snail & Slug Killer...(Aug 2013)
ERADICATE is the latest breakthrough product which many farmers, particularly those in areas infected by white snails will find valuable in their fight against these pests. ERADICATE Snail & Slug Killer was developed in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions and uses unique Molecular WrapTM technology. Unlike most metaldehyde based products ERADICATE performs well under damp moist conditions and also under hot and humid conditions. Metaldehyde was introduced in the 1930’s and is a scheduled poison, whereas the active ingredient in ERADICATE is an allowable food input in many countries. ERADICATE pricing for broad acre use is expected to be considerably below that of any other effective bait on the market. Extensive trials have been undertaken on Australian pest snails and slugs, and in the vast majority of cases it has outperformed other here to find out more

Frost Guard Frost Protection....(Aug 2011)
An Australian Bull Kelp extract that contains added phosphourus and potassium compounds. It is primarily used to give increased frost protection in a range of stone fruits, vines, fruit trees and vegetables. Frost Guard is filtered to 100 micron and is made from dried seaweed.

GOLD 100 is now available....(Jan 2011)
Fair Dinkum Fertilizers have now continued the expansion of their product range with the introduction of GOLD 100. Having all the benefits of our current GOLD liquid Seaweed product but now being filtered to 100 microns to aid in the application process by being able to go through boom spray and dripper systems.

For Use In Boom Sprays & Drippers
Fair Dinkum Fertilizers has developed new technology which allows us to produce a superfine seaweed extract that can go through boom sprays and drippers, while maintaining high efficiency of the product. You can read more about Superfine and Superfine Premium by clicking here.

Frost Protectant
After extensive development on this product we are proud to announce an important formulation that will give your fruit, apple peas, and vineyard greater protection from frost. (Specific formulations for your specific needs)
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